Installing Netscaler VPX for Hyper-V and activating license

Citrix Netscaler is a smart network appliance that can serve in many ways. In my next articles I will explain to you how you can use it for example as  Load Balancer, Reverse proxy or Web Application Firewall.

As I am mostly working with Microsoft virtualization, here is the short guide how you can install Citrix Netscaler VPX on Hyper-V. Note that Load balancing requires Standard edition. For Clustering you need to use Enteprise edition. Web Application Firewall feature requires Platinum edition.

For sizing the Hyper-V virtual machine please take a look on following:

Hyper-V VHD image with preinstalled Netscaler VPX can be downloaded from Citrix portal.

Login & go to Downloads, search for Netscaler ADC and Virtual Appliances, choose 10.5 edition and look for NetScaler VPX for Hyper-V 10.5 Build 57.7 or newer… hit download.

I had issues with VM Import, so I had to manually create new VM and attach extracted VHD from downloaded zip file. (Note that I have also renamed dynamic.vhd to nsvpx01.vhd)

NEW-VM –Name “NSVPX01” -MemoryStartupBytes 8GB -Path \\path\folder -Generation 1

Add-VMHardDiskDrive -VMName NSVPX01 -Path „\\path\folder\NSVPX01\Virtual Hard Disks\NSVPX01.vhd“

I have also added two NICs to my VPX VM.

After VM for VPX is created, you can turn it on and log in to console, once VM is booted, you need to configure IP, subnet mask and Gateway.

Now we can login via web browser to our VPX appliance.  Default user and password is  „nsroot“

After first login we need to configure Subnet IP, Time Zone and choose configure Licenses later.

License activation

First we need to find out our Host ID. It is under System/System information:

Now we can go back to Citrix portal  My account/Manage Licenses/Activate and Allocate Licenses.

I have marked VPX 200 Enterprise and click on Continue.

Next step is to download the license file with .lic extension and upload it through VPX Web Gui:

one reboot after is required and then we can check if license is there:

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