Creating Generic Linux VMM Template for Azure pack

VMM/Hyper-v supports various Linux&BSD distributions and here is the quick guideline how you can offer them through Windows Azure pack with one Generic Linux VM template and a lot of ISO images in your VMM library.

Creating Linux VMM template

First of all we need to create VM template in VMM. I have decided to use Debian 8.0 as my generic Linux OS. You can download Netinst CD Image here:

Once downloaded, create new Virtual Machine in VMM and install Debian OS. (Debian installation is not covered here) Debian includes Linux Integration Services, so you don’t have to install them. (for example in CentOS you need to install them)

Installing VMM agent for Linux:

Syspreping Linux VM is possible through VMM agent for Linux and here is how you can install it. Connect to your Debian VM (for example with WinSCP) and copy all files from c:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2012\Virtual Machine Manager\agents\Linux (located on VMM server) to TMP directory via SFTP protocol.

Login to Debian VM as root,  go to TMP folder and run following commands:

chmod +x install
./install scvmmguestagent.

Go to VMM and confirm that VM Additions are detected:

Creating VMM template

Nest we are going to create VM template in VMM. Shutdown Debian VM and copy VHDX file to VMM library. (Note that I have renamed VHDX to Generic Linux x64.vhdx, looks better in Azure pack 🙂 ) Go to Library/Templates/VM Templates and Create VM Template

Name the template Generic Linux x64 and configure Operating system profile. Finish the Wizard.

Azure pack configuration

Go to your hosting plan and add new template:

Login to Azure pack Tenant Portal and you should see new template available. Deploy test VM:

Once deployed, attach ISO:

I have decided for Oracle Linux:

Login via Console Connect and confirm that your VM is booting from attached ISO:

Last thing you need to do is to populate your VMM library, first I would start with all supported distributions:

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