Importing Domain Controller 2012 Gallery item into Azure pack

Downloading Gallery resource files from Codeplex

Login to your VMM server

Install WebPI:

Click the „Options“ and in the custom feed field add

Click „Add Field“ and close the dialog.

Now go to Service Models, Add Domain Controller – Windows Server 2012 Gallery Resource and then Install.


Once downloaded, you should see following files:


Preparing VHDX file with syspreped WS2012

I have sysprepred Windows Server 2012 R2 image WS2012_R2_Gen1.vhdx and stored it in my VMM Library VMMUserlibrary

Now we are going to set parameters required for WS2012 Domain controller resource with below powershell script:

$VHDName = „WS2012_R2_Gen1.vhdx“
$FamilyName = „Windows Server 2012 R2 DataCenter“
$Release = „“
$Tags = „WindowsServer2012“
$MyVHDX = Get-SCVirtualHardDisk | where {$_.Name –eq $VHDName}
$2K12DC = Get-SCOperatingSystem | where { $ –eq ’64-bit edition of Windows Server 2012 Datacenter‘}
$oTags = $myVHDX.Tag
if ( $otags -cnotcontains $Tags ) { $otags += @($Tags) }
Set-scvirtualharddisk –virtualharddisk $myVHDX `
–OperatingSystem $2K12DC `
-FamilyName $FamilyName `
-Release $Release `
-Tag $oTags `
-ProductKey $AVMAKey

Here is how it looks like:

Importing Cloud Resource Extension

With following powershell script:

$LibraryShareName = „VMMUserLibrary“
# Specify the path to resextpkg file
$resextpkg = „C:\Gallery Resources\DomainController_WS2012_VMRole_Pkg\DomainControllerWindows2012.resextpkg“
$Library = Get-SCLibraryShare | Where-Object {$_.Name -eq $LibraryShareName}
Import-CloudResourceExtension -ResourceExtensionPath $resextpkg -SharePath $Library -AllowUnencryptedTransfer


IMPORTANT: My vhdx file WS2012_R2_Gen1.vhdx is stored in my VMM Library VMMUserlibrary and this library is configured in my VM cloud in VMM.

Windows Azure Pack Service Administrator Portal

  • Open the Admin Portal and navigate to the VM Clouds
  • Click the Gallery tab /Import and select DomainControllerWindows2012.resdefpkg
  • Last step is to make your Gallery item Public and add it to your Hosting Plan.

Now you can start testing 🙂


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